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diaspora engagement

diaspora engagement

published: 16:11:05 03/12/2015


The African Diaspora has a critical role to play towards the development of their countries of origin. Annually it has been estimated that African Diasporans send over £60 billion in remittances to support their families, start and maintain small enterprise projects and so forth. The support given to their families include living expenses, paying schools fees and health care.


Stockport is no exception in having an African Diaspora. However not much is known about activities of the African diaspora, e.g.. where they are within the borough, their contribution to local economy and so forth. Early this year we applied for funding to Awards for All to undertake a Diaspora Engagement project that included conducting a situational study to look at the status of the African Diaspora in the borough. We were successful in our bid such that from February 2016, we aim to be implementing the project.